The Leopard Graphics Update and You!

If you are like me, you noticed some strange issues after installing the Leopard Graphics Update 1.0. Mainly, these concern some sleep issues and even some booting issues. For me, my computer would not sleep, and on forced sleep would crash on wake with a garbled screen. I have a Power Mac G5 with a 7800GT, but this issue has even presented itself on some laptops.

A fix was collaborated upon by Mati and Link Dupont at the Apple Support site. I updated it to replace files even if they are newer.
Link to the thread:
Apple Support Thread
Link to my updated fix:
Unofficial Rollback 1.2

Only install this if you are having issues. This is not supported by Apple and make sure you know about what you are doing before installing this (meaning make extra SURE you believe this to be related to the Leopard Graphics Update).