Onward and Upward

I suppose it is time to make an announcement, especially to my loyal users who have waited patiently for any bit of news.

Long story short, Demeter 2 was coming along decently but hit roadblocks when trying to add in future technologies supported in Leopard and Snow Leopard. Most of this is due to issues regarding needing to keep in older code sets as the Shiira 1.X codebase is hard-coded to use it for custom interface elements (and Tab Expose for example). This, coupled with hard times on the home front, has made work extremely challenging.

For this reason, I’ve had to scrap everything and start over. Starting from scratch is not an easy task, but I can pull in previous work once the browser base is set. Demeter has always been meant to be an alternative to other WebKit-based browsers with unique features, and while the Social Networking additions will fuel this I would like to take a fresh approach to how the web browsing is done. Tabs are great, and almost all browsers use them now, but tabs take up screen real estate. What is the next step in browser evolution past tabs? Any ideas for this would be greatly appreciated.

I will also be moving web hosts in a month or so. This means losing the current host this site and forums reside on and moving everything to my existing MobileMe account. The forums will likely be dumped ( again I know, sorry Sad ) in favor of using Google Groups or Get Satisfaction. I hope that all of you that have stuck with me will continue to do so, as I would like to make the next release of Demeter the best ever. The release that brings tons of new features and tons of new users, and what I hope you and I were all waiting for together.

Status update

A quick status update...

Yes, I am still hard at work. There are some recent changes that come along with the official release of Safari 4.0 and the WebKit that comes along with it that I have had to take into account.

There has also been some requests for source code. Right now, login/logout code is not complete for the Social Networking portion so I have been using personal credentials that I coded in for testing purposes. When I have that portion complete and can remove my credentials from the code, I will post a source package.

I will try to do this as soon as time allows. If you would like to join the project, please let us know in the forums.

New Forums are official!

The new forums are live at http://www.hurrikenux.com/forums!

Getting Ready for Demeter 2

As I continue development on Demeter 2, I am getting the site ready to realize its full potential. First off, there is a new bug tracking system in place at http://www.hurrikenux.com/bugs/ which is powered by Mantis. This more-powerful system should better help me to track issues and enhancements. I’m still mulling over whether or not this should be public or private. In addition, there will be a new forum powered by phpBB3 in the next couple of days. This will result in users having to re-register, for which I apologize. There were a lot of spam-bot users created, and SMF just doesn’t give me the flexibility I would like for the site forum. I hope the benefit will outweigh the inconvenience. Lastly, Demeter’s website will be updated to reflect the upcoming 2.0. This will be a lot of work, but I hope that I will get everything set up in a professional manner that is beneficial for all users. Check back throughout the week as I get everything online. For now the old forum is active, but it will be replaced before Friday of this week. Keep that in mind before posting and thank you for your support.

Demeter 1.5 Final Beta (3)

It is with mixed emotions that I announce the release of Demeter 1.5 Beta 3, which will be the final beta. There are many reasons for this, including issues with old sources and the reemergence of the Shiira developer. I recommend Shiira 2.x to anyone who wishes to continue to use browsers based on this code set. I have release a built binary as well as the source, although I recommend anyone interested in using the source to contact the Shiira developer for updated 2.x sources. The Page Dock is disabled in this release due to it causing a crash, this was fixed by the Shiira developer in his recent releases. I recommend switching to tab mode if you wish to continue using Demeter 1.5 Beta.

I am pleased to announce that I have been coding away on Demeter 2. I realize how much I set myself back in trying to move to a new code set instead sticking with the 1.x code set - or moving to something of my own. I hope to have news of Demeter 2’s release up very soon. The news will be located at
http://www.hurrikenux.com/Demeter when it is available.

Here are the download links:

Demeter Release Upcoming.

The final beta release will be upcoming along with some news. I hope to have it up in the next week. I thank everyone for your patience.

I'm Finally Back!

Yes, thats right - I am finally back in action. My family and I are finally situated and I should be able to get back to work on past projects. I’ve actually given some time to work on Demeter and I am currently trying to fix problems caused by the upcoming Safari 4. This will also help to backtrace the terrible problem of the browser crashing when closing a tab while it is still loading flash objects. Flash under the Safari 4 WebKit crash Demeter entirely. This is due to the many, many hacks the Shiira devs used to add special functionality to Shiira 2 (most of which is now officially supported by WebKit on its own). Pulling all this out and leaving any function may be a tall order as a lot of the standard features of Shiira (Demeter) are built around having to use these hacks. This is why development has stalled - do I continue to work with code that will almost have to be completely rewritten, or do I start fresh with my own code from the ground up? I have a lot of ideas for where I would like Demeter to go, maybe now is the time for a fresh start. Post your comments in the forum and let me know what you think.

Do you know the Muffin Man?

As I continue to fix bugs (or at least try), I would like to give everyone a reminder that you can track progress using The Demeter Bug Tracker. I will be using this reliably again, as I understand it has been a long while since an update. The next update will most likely be bugfixes only. It will be necessary to fix problems with the base code of Shiira 2.0 before I can add the things I would like to make Demeter its own.

Immense Amount Of Bugfixes.

Unfortunately, tracking down and fixing an immense amount of bugs has been harder than I originally thought. This is why a release has not happened yet, and why you have not heard much from me since starting back working. Some of these bugs have been fixed, such as the garbled Shelf. Others, such as drag-able tabs and losing bookmarks when dragging/dropping between folders in the Shelf, have been harder to track down and rectify. In some instances, a complete re-write of the code is needed to fix issues. Please bear with me as I try and chop through these issues.

One Month Since an Update

This is just to let everyone know that I am back, and happily married Happy ! I will be working on Demeter more now, and hope to have an update out mid-August. I will post here soon with more news.